Notary Public vs Notario Publico

Legal Disclaimer

What is the difference between a Notario Publico and Notary Public in United States? Notaries in many other countries, including notarios publicos in Latin American nations, have legal training and credentials similar to attorneys in the U.S. They may draft and archive documents, advise parties to the legal effect of a transaction, serve as mediators or arbitrators, and issue judicial opinions.

I, Sergio Musetti, am a Notary Public currently commissioned by the Secretary of State of California and I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in California and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.

Aviso Legal

Cual es la diferencia entre Notario Publico y Notary Public en Estados Unidos? Los notarios en muchos otros países, incluyendo notarios públicos en naciones latinoamericanas, tienen capacitación legal y credenciales similares a abogados en los Estados Unidos. Pueden redactar y archivar documentos, aconsejar a las partes sobre el efecto legal de una transacción, servir como mediadores o árbitros y emitir opiniones judiciales.

Yo, Sergio Musetti, soy un Notario Público actualmente comisionado por el Secretario de Estado de California y yo no soy un abogado con licencia para ejercer la ley en California y no puedo dar asesoramiento legal ni aceptar honorarios por asesoría legal.

Marcus Tullius Tiro _was first a slave, then a freedman(a former slave who has been released from slavery) of Cicero _   born in the 1st century BC as a slave but later adopted by Cicero as his son, is said to have developed a form of shorthand in which marks and signs, called notae(is a system of shorthand invented by Tiro), took the place of common words.  This form of shorthand came to be called “Notae Tironinae”. Others adopted this convention. From this practice, the term “notarius” was born. In time, a notarius meant a registrar to a high government official, such as a governor.

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Mobile Notary Public business, certified signing agent, Spanish translation interpreting, fingerprinting, Apostille service in California. Apostilla y traduccion. Loan Signing agent with National Notary Association since 2003
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