California Power of Attorney for the Care of Children

When it becomes necessary to allow someone else to provide for the care of your children, a Power of Attorney(POA) for the Care of Children form should be used. This document allows the parents of one or more children (sometimes called the “Principals” or “Grantors”) to appoint another person to act as their Attorney-in-Fact (sometimes referred to as Agent) to care for their children. Generally, it will be on a temporary basis for a limited amount of time. Although the Power of Attorney for the Care of Children has a beginning and an end date, the Parents can revoke it at any time even before the end date.

This California Power of Attorney for the Care of Children allows the Attorney-in-Fact to make decisions for the children in place of the parents, including health care, welfare and education decisions. This can be useful if the parent will be absent for a period of time. The powers granted by this instrument are very broad as parents are basically giving temporary custody of the children to the Attorney-in-fact. However, by having this type of document available, the Attorney-in-Fact will be able to better deal with any types of emergencies involving the children and can avoid potential problems when, for example, arranging for medical, dental or any other type of care. Medical personnel will also generally feel more comfortable dealing with an Attorney-in-Fact who can provide this type of document.

The POA allows people to grant others the right to make decisions on their behalf.  A POA for Child gives someone you trust the ability to make decisions in your absence. Ensure your children always have the care they need.

Powers of attorney over children can be granted in writing. The power of attorney (POA) must name the person granting the power(signer) and the person receiving the power.

Get your California Power of Attorney for the Care of Children

Para permitir que otra persona se encargue o proporcione el cuidado de sus hijos, puede usar la carta de poder para el cuidado de niños.  Una vez que la haya llenado puede llamar al 1-707-992-5551 para hacer una cita para firmar y notariar el documento.  Diferencia entre Notario Publico y Notary Public en Estados Unidos.


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