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  The AB 2217, proposed by David Hadley, would increase the maximum fees Notaries could charge for Acknowledgments and Jurats from $10 to $15




Steve Fazio, a Republican candidate for California’s 27th Senate District  has come out in support of allowing California Notaries to charge higher fees for their services because of the important role they play in fighting fraud



There are diverse opinions about the subject.   Ask questions, follow the money, who benefit the most and maybe you will have a decent answer to this proposal.  Read notary forums; this is an extract of one comment:

While we’re like a bunch of hens scratching piecemeal for crumbs in the signing field, we have witnessed the emergence of XYZ making millions of $$ off our backs after convincing the lenders we all needed routine background checks, testing, certification, and other baloney as a result of the CFPB, but did anybody see that coming? Did anybody see Snapdocs coming? Did anybody see the latest permutation of the coffee site coming? What else has some genius cooked up to get their very lucrative piece of the pie as the signing agent profession continues to morph before our very eyes and which we had no inkling of until it landed in our lap? Might be the very guys behind this fee increase.

The Notary fee is paid when a client goes to an office where the Notary offers her/his service.   Mobile Notaries charge additional fees based on time involved, printing and car expense, company will not pay/risks, type of notarization, travel fees, time of the day or the month when notarize loan packages.


David Hadley is an American politician currently serving in the California State Assembly. He is a Republican representing the 66th district, which consists of most of the South Bay. Wikipedia Born: November 14, 1964 (age 51), Fullerton, CA Political party: California Republican Party Residence: Manhattan Beach, CA


  • Currently allowed in Virginia and Montana.
  • California Notaries Public Cannot Perform Notarial Services Online:
  • There has to be a way to keep the Notary involved in Internet Commerce, which we all desperately need”.  FutureLaw(
  • When you call the bank over the phone and need information about your account, they ask you a few questions to verify that you have that specific account. The process is secured and called Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA). See references below to read about it.

Companies that are offering webcam notarizations:


– The app “Notarize” compatible with iPhone and iPad, :


 – Safedocs




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