Software for notaries.

I just replied to a Notary asking for software to run his business.   There are a few companies with different products.

I use a custom designed software for notaries that automatically creates a PDF invoice for you, click send and it’s on the way to the title company, or signing agency that hired you.

Daily steps:  I receive an assignment by email. Open the software, click on Signings / New Signing.  Select Customer:  A drop-down menu opens a list from your contacts and you select the title company, signing agency, mortgage broker, bank, company or individual client. Enter the basic information, name, company phone, email, address, signing date/time.  Reminder: You can choose from 15 minutes to 2 days a reminder to send to your Google Calendar, phone or calendar via email, email reminder or a text message. Invoice #, signing fee, order/escrow #, tracking # if you have the Fedex, UPS, Ontrac or other shipping label, and Notes(where you type any other customized information about this notarization/signing) Click Save. Done.

You will see a new line under Signings.  Click and a window will display all the information you just  entered.  Here you can :

View/Send the Invoice – Enter the Mileage – Enter Notarial Fees + Enter Payments Balance.

Tracking.  Track your invoices so you know who owes you money sending monthly or weekly invoices; Automatically calculates mileage and drive time, notarial fees, home office expenses, access your appointments from the road(from iphones, androids, windows phones, tablets, macs, etc) and also you can check your appointments on Google Calendar and your smart phone.

Taxes!!   The report that you need with income, expenses, notarial fees organized and categorized and that your accountant needs to do your taxes… in a few seconds, click, print, done.

notary business software
I have asked them to include some cool features and the programmers implemented them in a few days…:)   The only thing that I don’t see is a notary profile “that you can use to direct potential clients to…” However,  I don’t think this feature should be here.  I am listed on a good number of well ranked notary databases, 123notary, notary rotary, notary cafe, etc and do actively search engine optimization which send traffic for both general notary and signing agent services.

To summarize, so many years using this software and every few months new features are added to the software. The benefits more than cover the small fee.  Read more >




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Mobile Notary Public business, certified signing agent, Spanish translation interpreting, fingerprinting, Apostille service in California. Apostilla y traduccion. Loan Signing agent with National Notary Association since 2003
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