Notary Public Day: November 7

National Notary Public Day                                              November 7, 2015

Notaries contribute with thousands of daily transactions as impartial witnesses promoting trust and integrity.

The origin of Notary goes back in history to Marcus Tullius with the words notae,  then notarius, people or registrars under the Emperor. Later in 1255, Rolandinus Passaggerii wrote Summa totius artis notariae in Bologna, Italy.

National Notary Public Day Nov 7


America’s first notary was Thomas Fugill, who was appointed by the Colony of New Haven in 1639.  From New Haven Colony Records:  Fugill was chosen publique notary, to attend the court and from time to time to ke[ep] a faithfull recorde of all passages and conclusions of the court, and of whatsoeu[er] else then or att other times shall by the court or magistrate be comitted to him concerning the ciuill publique occasions of the Plantation.”

There are different events on November 7, for example, in Alabama there will be a meeting at 10am at the Birmingham Public Library.

A few places mention the National Notary Day. The American Society of Notaries has a page, “Notary Public Day Honors America’s Notaries”  where they encourage to thank a Notary Public every November 7 and summarizes the tasks, importance, definition and history of notaries.

The National Notary Association, in its Notary Bulletin, has an article: A Celebration of The American Notary.  It presents the roles of some Notaries throughout history: Christopher Columbus (The Discovery of America),   Thomas McKean, Notary (founding of the United States), Notary and the President(John Calvin Coolidge, Sr.) and others.

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