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Apostille convention – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It refers to the Apostille treaty, drafted by the Hague Conference of Private International Law.

The contents:

Information included in an apostille

An apostille issued by Norwegian authorities.

The apostille itself is a stamp or printed form consisting of 10 numbered standard fields. On the top is the textAPOSTILLE, under which the text Convention de La Haye du 5 octobre 1961 (English: Hague Convention of 5 October 1961) is placed. In the numbered fields the following information is added:

  1. Country … [country name]
    This public document
  2. has been signed by … [name]
  3. acting in the capacity of … [function]
  4. bears the seal/stamp of … [authority]
  5. at … [location]
  6. the … [date]
  7. by … [name]
  8. No … [apostille registration number]
  9. Seal/stamp … [of the authority giving the apostille]
  10. Signature … [signature of authority giving the apostille]

The information can be placed on the (back of the) document itself, or attached to the document as an allonge.

Eligible documents

Four types of documents are mentioned in the convention:[1]

  • court documents
  • administrative documents (e.g. civil status documents)
  • notarial acts
  • official certificates which are placed on documents signed by persons in their private capacity, such as official certificates recording the registration of a document or the fact that it was in existence on a certain date and official and notarial authentications of signatures.

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