Notary Issues


  The AB 2217, proposed by David Hadley, would increase the maximum fees Notaries could charge for Acknowledgments and Jurats from $10 to $15




Steve Fazio, a Republican candidate for California’s 27th Senate District  has come out in support of allowing California Notaries to charge higher fees for their services because of the important role they play in fighting fraud



There are diverse opinions about the subject.   Ask questions, follow the money, who benefit the most and maybe you will have a decent answer to this proposal.  Read notary forums; this is an extract of one comment:

While we’re like a bunch of hens scratching piecemeal for crumbs in the signing field, we have witnessed the emergence of XYZ making millions of $$ off our backs after convincing the lenders we all needed routine background checks, testing, certification, and other baloney as a result of the CFPB, but did anybody see that coming? Did anybody see Snapdocs coming? Did anybody see the latest permutation of the coffee site coming? What else has some genius cooked up to get their very lucrative piece of the pie as the signing agent profession continues to morph before our very eyes and which we had no inkling of until it landed in our lap? Might be the very guys behind this fee increase.

The Notary fee is paid when a client goes to an office where the Notary offers her/his service.   Mobile Notaries charge additional fees based on time involved, printing and car expense, company will not pay/risks, type of notarization, travel fees, time of the day or the month when notarize loan packages.


David Hadley is an American politician currently serving in the California State Assembly. He is a Republican representing the 66th district, which consists of most of the South Bay. Wikipedia Born: November 14, 1964 (age 51), Fullerton, CA Political party: California Republican Party Residence: Manhattan Beach, CA


  • Currently allowed in Virginia and Montana.
  • California Notaries Public Cannot Perform Notarial Services Online:
  • There has to be a way to keep the Notary involved in Internet Commerce, which we all desperately need”.  FutureLaw(
  • When you call the bank over the phone and need information about your account, they ask you a few questions to verify that you have that specific account. The process is secured and called Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA). See references below to read about it.

Companies that are offering webcam notarizations:


– The app “Notarize” compatible with iPhone and iPad, :


 – Safedocs




Ultimate software for mobile Notaries.

If you are a general traveling Notary or a Notary Signing Agent, this tool will help you.
Notary saving in taxes.
Notary saving in time.
Ultimate software for mobile notaries.

Save $100’s or even $1000’s on your taxes.

Did you know that the fees you collect for performing notarial acts are not subject to Federal Self Employment Tax (15.3%), whereas the rest or your net income is?   And if you’re not reporting this amount to your accountant (or tax preparer), then you are throwing away $100’s or even $1000’s of dollars each year.
Notary Gadget tracks your notarial fees separate from the total amount you charge for each signing and reports them on your Tax Report to make sure you aren’t paying self employment tax on that portion of your income.
EXAMPLE:  Let’s say that on average you perform 2 notarial acts per signing and the maximum amount you can charge in your state is $7 per notarial act.  Now let’s also assume you do 8 signings per month on average.  That comes to $1,344 of the notarial fees per year.  That means that $1,344 of your net income would not be subject to the Federal self employment tax of 15.3%.  If you were using NotaryGadget, you would save $205 every year ($1,344 x 15.3%)!

Save a ton of time.

We recently conducted a survey where we asked our users how much time NotaryGadget saves them. The average amount reported was 2.2 hours per week. That means that NotaryGadget users, on average save over 114 hours of work each year. How will you enjoy your 114 hours of extra time?

Your first 15 signings are on us. You can send invoices, track your payments, log your mileage, sync your calendars, and do all your accounting completely free with no strings attached – we won’t even ask you for a credit card.
After your free 15 signings are done, you can choose the plan that works best for you. Although, we do give you a nice discount if you decide to purchase the 1-Year plan.

                     Unlimited free updates

Updates are always free. That means that every time we add some new awesome tool to the software, it’s completely FREE.

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You can use NotaryGadget on as many devices as you want, all for the same low price. You can even share your account with your spouse if you want.

Unlimited tech support.

Tech support is and will always be free. When you need help, we’ll always be there for you.

Unlimited usage.

You can enter as many signings as your fingers can possibly type. You can even add your past signings, expenses, mileage, and the rest of your data as far back as 10 years, without paying a penny more.
I have been using Notary Gadget for years and it’s the best tax deductible tool for my business.
Helping notaries on 148,872 signings and counting
NotaryGadget is a software program that’s custom designed for notaries and signing agents. It makes just about everything you do easier – sending invoices, managing your calendar, tracking payments, recording expenses, and tax returns.
Notary Gadget.

         FREE TRIAL 





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Background Check

Some of my clients ask me to translate, certify, notarize and get an Apostille for a specific country. It is a requirement from the process in their country of destination. What some of them do not know is how to get one. “How can I get a criminal background check?”
There are several companies available.
One of them is Direct Screening.   If you are a Notary Public, you can get information at NNA.

Once I receive the scanned copy, I can start the translation; by the time I receive the original, the translation is certified, notarized and ready for an Apostille with the original.

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Brain Waves Technology

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Sacramento Real Estate. Spanish.

I had the opportunity to help Rosanna’s clients.  Here is her information.


About Rosanna Garcia

I have been in the real estate business for more than 25 years and am a Life Member in the Masters Club Top 10%. I hold a State leadership position in the CA Women’s Council of Realtors. I currently am a Director of our Sacramento Association of Realtors. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of San Francisco.
My parents began Garcia Realty over 50 years ago and my brother and I continue the tradition. We were born and raised in Sacramento and are proud of our family’s contribution to the development of this fine city.
I am fluent in Spanish and specialize in first time home buyers and investment property. I’ll pay a referral fee to anyone that needs a Spanish speaking agent!
I hold certifications in Short sale and foreclosure specialist, At Home with Diversity, and the Performance Management Network Women’s Council designation. I was named Business Woman of the Year by the Sacramento Chapter of National Association of Women Business Owners, and Entrepreneur of the Year by the Sacramento Women’s Council of Realtors.
We measure our success one family at a time!
I will look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Rosanna Garcia, Garcia Realty – 2100 28th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818

Office: 916-202-7294

Rosanna Garcia



Sergio Musetti, Notary Public certified Notary Signing Agent. Spanish translator, Apostille service.  Tel 1-707-992-5551  Skype: spanishvoice  – Google Hangouts – Mobile Notary Blog

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People also viewed Article Video Robot

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California Mobile Notary Network, signing agents 2016

California_mobile_notary_network notaries list datase

California Mobile Notary Network brochure 2016 updated

The California Mobile Notary Network is a select group of dedicated, independent, professional notaries public, providing the highest level of mobile document signing services throughout California.  Members of the Network are among the most experienced, knowledgeable and skilled notaries public in the state.  When you retain a notary from the California Mobile Notary Network you may rest assured that you are getting the best in the business — guaranteed.  Count on Network members to complete your signings with accuracy, precision and absolute confidentiality.

A Notary Signing Agent is a Notary Public who is hired as an independent contractor to ensure that real estate loan documents are properly executed by the borrower, notarized, and returned for processing.  A Notary Signing Agent is not an employee of the lender or title company, but acts as a neutral third party to confirm the identity of the signer and assure that all documents are signed correctly.  Since state law and lenders often require certain forms to be notarized, a valid Notary commission is essential for persons performing loan document signings.  Typically, the Notary Signing Agent contracts with the lender or with a title or escrow company in the transaction to facilitate the signing.

notary public ca
Notary Signing Agent Services


  •  Purchase
  •  Refinance
  •  Piggy-Backs (1st and 2nd)
  •  Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCS)
  •  Investment/Vacation Property Loans
  •  Reverse Mortgage
  •  E-Signings (Some Agents)
  •  Structured Settlements
  •  Fidelity Company approved (Some Agents)


Sergio Musetti, Carmichael, CA 95608, Sacramento County, bilingual Spanish Certified Notary Public Signing Agent. Also speak Italian. Apostille, Apostilla, translation,  –  http://CaliforniaApostille.US

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California Mobile Notary Network monthly meeting.

Monthly meeting California Mobile Notary Network, December 12, 2015. 


Goals, marketing, visibility, finance, notary business. Sergio Musetti

California_mobile_notary_network notaries list datase



Sergio Musetti, Sacramento Mobile Notary Public, Apostille service.

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Montgomery County, Alabama, Probate Judge, Notary Public

Notary Application

APPLICATION FOR APPOINTMENT AS NOTARY PUBLIC STATE AT LARGE SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS TO THE JUDGE OF PROBATE: 1. Completed Application Below 2. $24.00 Filing Fee – We accept cash, money order and checks. Checks must have the following: name, address (no P.O. Boxes), home telephone # (including area code), second telephone # (including area code), and driver’s license (include State). 3. $25,000.00 Bond From Insurance Company. Please sign and have bond notarized before submitting it to the Montgomery County Probate Office for recording. I HEREBY MAKE APPLICATION FOR APPOINTMENT AS NOTARY PUBLIC: Check One: This is a new application. This is a renewal application. My current commission expires: _______________________________________________ Name of Applicant: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact telephone number(s):___________________________________and/or_________________________________ THIS SECTION MUST BE COMPLETED AND VOTER REGISTRATION MUST BE UP TO DATE. (If you have any questions concerning voter registration records, please call Voter Registration at 832-1215.) I am a registered voter of ______________________________________________ County, Alabama. Name as it appears on voter registration records is as follows: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Age: ___________ Birthdate: _____________________________ Last 4 digits of SS# _____________________________ Precinct Number: __________________ Voting Place: _______________________________________________________ SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ PRINTED NAME: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ DATE: _____________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DEPARTMENT USE ONLY RECEIVED DATE: __________________________ LOGGED IN: __________________________ VOTER REC. CHECKED: __________________________ NAME TO BE SHOWN ON CERTIFICATE LOGGED OUT: __________________________ ____________________________________________________ APPROVED DATE: __________________________ COMMISSION DATE:_____________________________

Definition of a NOTARY PUBLIC

A Notary Public is a public officer whose function is: 

1. To administer oaths; and

2. To attest and certify, by his signature and official seal, certain classes of documents, in order to give them credit and authenticity; and

3. To take acknowledgments of deeds and other conveyances and certify the same; and

4. To perform certain official acts, chiefly in commercial matters, such as the protesting of notes and bills, the notice of foreign drafts, and marine protests in cases of damage.



    1.    State-at-large; may perform duties of the office State-wide;


    1.    Must be a resident of Montgomery County; and
    2.    Must be capable of posting bond in the required amount.


  1. Complete notary public application;
  2. Submit notary bond for $25,000 from an insurance company; Please have your notary bond notarized before bringing it to the Probate Office for recording. 
  3. Submit $24.00 filing fee payable to Judge of Probate;
  4. Judge of Probate will mail approved certification to applicant within three weeks;
  5. Notary seal is obtained from office supply company.


  1. Complete notary public application;
  2. Submit official letter from Department of Finance, confirming your coverage under the State Of Alabama Bond issued by the Risk Management Division.  The bond number must be identified on the request. Faxed documents are not  accepted;
  3. Submit $24.00 filing fee payable to Judge of Probate;
  4. Judge of Probate will mail approved certification to applicant within three weeks;
  5. Notary seal is obtained from office supply company.

    ADDITIONAL NOTARY INFORMATION The office of a Notary Public is a serious and responsible public office and should not be taken lightly.  Abuse of the office or irresponsibility in the performance of notarial duties can result in grave consequences.  If a Notary Public has doubts about the propriety of any action, he or she should seek competent professional advice before he or she acts.

You may access Notary information in the Code of Alabama (Section 36-20-1) from the State Legislature:


Mailing Address

Steven L. Reed
Judge of Probate
Notary Department
P. O. Box 223
Montgomery, Al.  36101

Physical Address

Courthouse Annex III – Basement
Probate Recording Division
101 South Lawrence Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36104

Entrance is located at the corner of Washington and Lawrence Streets
(334) 832-7174

Notaries Public

Appointment and Commissioning

Notaries in the State of Alabama are appointed and commissioned by the probate judges of the various counties. The probate judge reports to the Secretary of State the name, county, date of issuance and date of expiration of the commission of each notary appointed and commissioned under applicable law.

For information on being appointed a notary public, please contact the probate judge for your county. Click here to obtain contact information for him or her.

Please note that the Secretary of State does not appoint or commission notaries.However, the records filed with this office regarding the appointment and commissioning of notaries are a matter of public record and are available for review by the general public. You can browse the list of commissioned notaries by viewing our government records.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of notaries are spelled out in the Code of Alabama. You may viewAct 2011-295 online. It is the newest legislation regarding notaries public.

For more information on any Alabama Attorney General’s opinions concerning notary law, please visit the Opinions Search page of that website.

Authentication of Notarial Signature and Seal

Information on authentication of the signature and seal of a notary public is available by clickinghere.

For additional information, contact:
Stephanie Vaught
Phone: (334) 353-2171
or send email




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